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Contribution To The Nature

Buying paper and paper packaging products will destroy the forest.” This is an absolutely wrong statement. Industries that depend on trees definitely need a healthy forest. This is for their benefit. To keep the paper on hand all the time, trees are planted for every tree that is cut for paper use. Today, developed countries have 25% more trees compared to 1901. In Europe alone, forest size increases more than 1.5 million that of a soccer field every year. It may seem strange to you but it is true. The matter of fact is that paper makes trees. As demand for paper increases; the forest area increases as well. This is the beauty of the source that is consumable. “Old trees hold the best carbons.” Think again. Next time, when you meet with your friends you can tell them about how young trees cleanse the CO2 as they grow. Subconsciously, one would think that the older the tree gets the more CO2 it cleanses. This is incorrect; younger trees cleanse more carbon than older trees. Older trees cleanse carbons slower and start to rotten, emitting carbons and greenhouse gas back into the atmosphere. For this reason, to maximize the properties of carbon storage, trees need to be replanted and dropped on a regular basis as we need young and healthy forests.

The amount of recycled plastic bags is1%...recycled plastic bags will cost twice as much money than it takes to produce one... "The Christian Science Monitor News Paper "
According to research made in 1975, ships that sail in the ocean dump 3.700.000kg of plastic bags into the sea. If the world did not become a plastic trash dump it is because the deep seas are used for that..."U.S. National Academy of Sciences."

Using paper packaging is not only an effective quality advertising tool; it also does no harm the nature.